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What kitchen and bath trends are becoming popular

Whatever your remodeling or redecorating budget and needs, kitchen and bathroom updates can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul or want to make minor changes, these upgrades deliver visual appeal and, in some cases, improved functionality.

Space-Savers and Smart Storage

Kitchen design right now is focused on smart storage solutions. With the current interest in smaller homes and space maximization in general, it isn't surprising that homeowners want to make the most of the busiest room in the house. A trend has emerged toward fewer cabinets, so clever storage ideas are a must. Some of the most interesting concepts include custom built-in appliance "garages" and hydraulic cabinet doors that tuck away for minimal interference in bustling kitchens. 

Kitchen Tech for Next-Level Meal Prep

Everything about today's kitchen updates is designed to help you work smarter, not harder. Upgrades include fixture features like automated faucet operation and triple sinks with built-ins like veggie prep stations. Custom high-tech options can be as simple as USB ports for charging tablets -- perfect for ensuring that your recipe explainer videos or online cooking lessons go off without a hitch. They also encompass innovations like Bluetooth speakers integrated into the decor or colored lighting to showcase stunning quartz counter tops or industrial design elements. Smart refrigerators and other basic appliances make keeping up with grocery inventory easy, while smart coffee makers let you start brewing your morning joe from bed so it's waiting for you when you get to the kitchen.

An Artisan Approach to Bathroom Design

We're seeing more freestanding bathtubs these days. The bathroom is getting its fair share of attention lately, with features like bold wallpaper or tiles and French shower doors adding drama to this humble room. An emphasis on artistry and craftsmanship makes tubs in architectural shapes a logical choice. That's why we're starting to see oval bathtubs alongside matching oval double sinks. These tubs are also space-savers, leaving you with more visual space in what is, for many, a somewhat cramped room.

Rethinking Wall and Floor Tiles

The aforementioned bold bathroom tiles are showing up in myriad forms. European-inspired dimensional tiles in stone, porcelain or marble add texture and an artisan touch to any bathroom. Subway tiles are re-imagined in long, skinny and/or vertical styles. These tiles give walls a custom look, while floors benefit from intriguing tile patterns. Floor tiles in honeycomb or fish-scale shapes add visual interest and an element of surprise. Honeycomb tiles introduce geometry, while fish scales soften or add roundness to bathrooms with lots of hard lines.

These remodeling ideas can have a dramatic effect on your living space. Enhance these improvements -- or make do until you can take on a bigger transformation -- by incorporating smaller changes like installing a colorful kitchen sink, pairing a rustic bathroom sink with a round mirror, or painting your cabinets with a sleek new finish. Even the simplest alterations can make you feel great about your home. When you're ready to take your house or condo to the next level, contact the remodeling professionals at Hunterdon Siding & Window in Lebanon, NJ. We'll help you achieve the style and functionality you've always wanted for your living space.

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