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Ways to Get Your Windows Ready for Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...and needs to stay outside. It is not a crazy idea to want to keep the warmth inside, after all, you paid to warm up that air. With windows being one of the biggest heat sinks in a home, they need special attention to guarantee that they let nothing more than light through. No, you don’t have to completely renovate your house and acquire the latest multi-paned, energy-anything-certified windows. In fact, there are a few simple fixes that you can do yourself.


Caulking is possibly the first thing to come to any handyman’s (or handywoman’s) mind, and for good reason. By simply cleaning away any existing caulk (if applicable) and paint chips, to ensure a clean seal, you can pump a bead of caulk around the outside frame to create a seal on any gaps between the window frame and the house. It is recommended to use a silicone or a “siliconized” acrylic sealant.

Weather Stripping

While caulking is performed on the exterior of the windows, that can prove difficult for windows above the first floor. An internal form of “caulking” – weather stripping - can help seal gaps that are within the window frame itself. Due to the different styles of windows, there are many different types of stripping.

Adhesive-backed foam is a strip that compresses to seal shut gaps and sticks in place. A tubular rubber-gasket is similar to the adhesive foam, but it is shaped as a hollow tube that conforms to the space around it. Felt is one of the oldest, cheapest forms of compressive weatherproofing, but is the least durable and will require regular replacement.

Window Insulation Kits

Most kits work by sealing the entire window behind a thick sheet of shrink-wrap. Double-sided tape is used to adhere the plastic to the walls around the window, and a blow dryer is used to seal it into place. Though very effective, these can really pose an imposition should you decide that you want to use your windows during the winter as the shrink-wrapped plastic will have to be taken down and re-applied with fresh material when finished.

Though many tasks can be performed by people with little knowledge of home improvement, there is no substitute for experience. If there are drafts that you can’t seem to find or fill, or you are unsure what may be the best option for you, Hunterdon Siding and Window Co. is here to take on all your window winterization needs. Contact Hunterdon Siding & Window today!

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