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The Top Exterior Home Trends For 2019

At Hunterdon Siding and Window, we’re often a little bit ahead of the curve when it comes to spotting the newest trends. Why? It’s our job. We take careful note of the styles and colors our clients are choosing, and make sure that we’re prepared to meet the demand.

We’ve noticed some design trends that started back in 2018, but really started to pick up speed as the year goes on. Due to the requests we have for these items, we predict they’re going to be the biggest trends in exterior home design for 2019. Read on to find out what’s going to be hot this year and for the next few years.


For 2019, there’s a bit of a dual trend. On one hand, cool neutrals are grabbing all the attention in exterior home colors. In the paint world, neutral has expanded to include subtle shades of green, blue and even brown, so picking a neutral doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

The other trend is major statement colors. Charcoal, black, dark blue and dark green are all in high demand as more homeowners warm up to the classic, crisp look these exteriors give to bright white siding. With the right design eye, the look can range from moody and modern to cottage chic.

Don’t forget that you can just replace your siding and skip the paint job. If you think of siding as the vinyl material that gained popularity in the 1980’s, come by our showroom and take a look. Today’s siding not only comes in a multitude of colors, it’s available in varying widths, sizes and styles. You won’t have to sacrifice style to enjoy vinyl’s easy care, low-maintenance durability.

Decks and patios

The patio trend of 2018 shows no sign of stopping, but in 2019, decks are fast outpacing the demand. From simple single-level decks to ornate wood and stone decking that features fireplaces and built-in planters, our customers are expressing more interest in bringing their living spaces out into the environment.

While it’s still a little chilly outside is the best time to install your decking. Our team can help you design the perfect deck or patio for your house, and install it all before the weather changes and spring comes. This means you won’t have to wait a single day this summer before you start to enjoy your very own backyard paradise.

There you have it! Feel inspired to bring these looks to life on your home? Contact Hunterdon Siding & Window today. We’re available to answer your questions, and our expert design team can help you incorporate these looks into your home. Our two biggest trends for 2019. We hope you are considering new possibilities for your home improvement plans, and look forward to helping you make your home dreams reality.

Don’t forget we’re more than just exteriors and windows. We’re proud to offer a number of home improvement services to include remodeling, additions and basement finishing. Our professional improvement team can quickly and beautifully help you transform your house to your dream home.

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