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How Many Years is a Roof Good For?

A concern that bothers homeowners more than any other is wondering how long a roof is good for and how long it lasts. As one of the most important aspects of home ownership, the roof provides more than protection from the elements. The materials that affect its longevity contribute to a home’s architectural and aesthetic values while creating a focal accent for the façade. The number of years of use that a homeowner can expect from a roof depends on the choice of material. Hunterdon Siding & Window Company uses the highest quality of asphalt, wood, clay and slate roofing materials.


As the most popular and among the least expensive roofing materials, asphalt shingles may last for 15-30 years, and a range of colors makes them blend well with the exterior of a home.


More expensive than asphalt, wood shingles may last for 30-40 years. They create a unique effect that lets a home blend with nature while providing more insulation for the interior.


More costly and much more substantial than asphalt or wood roofing materials, clay tiles may last for decades without rot or insect damage, and they resist fire.


Longer lasting than other choices of roof coverings, slate shingles can last for 100 years or more. More durable and more expensive as well, they provide the timeless beauty of natural stone.

Checking for Problems

Shingles may look good from the ground level, but years of exposure to the elements can cause some significant problems. A curl around the edges, a buckle in the middle or a missing shingle indicate a severe need for roof replacement. High winds can crack shingles, but regular inspections can often detect an issue that a repair can handle. Hunterdon Siding & Window Company provides a free estimate for clients who choose to replace a roofing system.

Understanding the Risks of Delay

Detection of conditions that interfere with the integrity of a roof system can prevent structural damage that results when a leak occurs. A check of the interior of the attic can let homeowners observe any wet areas that reveal a leak. A damaged or missing shingle can allow water to soak into the underlying sheathing, and the process of rot and decay starts then. In extreme cases of neglect, the entire supporting structure may weaken and cause the roof to sag. The consequences of a delay in replacing a roof increase with time, creating a potential for damage to a home’s interior walls, flooring and furnishings. The condition never improves on its own.

Hunterdon Siding & Window Company offers exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and personal communication with clients that achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction. Be sure to check out our service area to see if we can make it out to your location!

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