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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see. When you are looking at the exterior of your home, especially the siding, there are certain things that can help you determine if it needs replacing. Some of the signs are very evident, while other signs are more subtle.

Weather Damage

One of the signs to replace your siding is the damage from the weather. Some damage is visible like dents from a hail storm. Other signs from the weather may include loose siding panels. The loose panels may show right away or can even take a little time to see. If the damage to siding on your home is not fixed, your home can have other problems later. The problems that can occur from the damaged siding include loss of heat or cooling and water damage.

Cracks in the Siding

Over time vinyl siding can crack. If the cracks in the siding are not taken care of, they can allow water to get in between the siding and your houses structure. As the water collects in these crevices, mold will start to grow. Once mold begins, it becomes a bigger problem to take care. You will need to make sure all of the mold is gone before replacing the siding. If you do not remove all the mold, you will just end up repeating the problem again.

Adding an Addition to Your Home

When you put an addition onto your home, be aware that your old siding will not match the new addition. The old siding will show its age and wear even if it is not that old. In this case, talk with your contractor about your options. These options may include replacing the siding or cleaning the old siding and painting it.

Outdated Colors

Just like anything, your siding color can become outdated. Over the years the siding colors change and you may want to consider updating the exterior of your home with a new color. This is a great way to give your home a new exciting look.

Original Wood Siding

If your home has the original wood siding, you may want to consider a siding that will require less maintenance. Wood siding requires painting every couple of years. Not to mention, dry rot and wildlife damaging the wood siding maybe signs to replace it.

If you would like more information on the siding options for your home, you can contact Hunterdon Siding and Window Company for your free consultation.

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