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One of the best investments in your home's value pays off for years to come. Professional remodeling here in Lawrence, NJ expands space, gives rooms new purpose and refreshes the entire house. Whether you're renovating or adding on, these five projects deliver remodeling benefits that make your home more beautiful and more livable.

It Starts With You

Great remodeling jobs start with your ideas. You know what you want, and your contractor makes it happen. We recommend our design-build process that transitions your vision from planning stages to finished details. It's a time-efficient and money-saving approach that works very well on remodeling projects.

1. Creative Kitchen Renovations

When you think about kitchen remodeling, you imagine extra cabinet space and new counter tops. Don't stop there. Picture a cooking island with a dedicated grilling station and banquette seating against one wall. This room has so much potential, and it's the heart of the house. A creative kitchen remodel keeps it warm and welcoming.

2. Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

One of the busiest spots in a home, the bathroom, deserves more than fresh curtains. Your bathroom serves everyone better with an expansion that includes a beautifully tiled shower. A small sauna turns the bath into a very private and relaxing getaway. Things as simple as modern fixtures and cabinets update the room for everyone who shares its space.

3. New Backyard Decks

Whether you entertain out back or just like to watch the sun go down, remodel your great outdoors with an inviting backyard deck. Composite materials are ideal for our New Jersey climate and offer exciting pattern and color choices. Go with a traditional wood-look, put some shade overhead with a pergola, and extend your remodeled backyard retreat with a lattice-walled gazebo.

4. Reclaimed Basement Space

It's not just for storage any more. Show a remodeling contractor your basement, and he'll help you draw up plans for a family den, wine cellar or man cave. You can even convert a basement into a comfortable extra bedroom or a second kitchen. A finished basement keeps the house warmer through our cold winters, and it also discourages damp in foundation floors and walls.

5. Custom Home Construction

Technically, home construction is more than a remodeling project. It's a custom service that we're proud to offer here at Hunterdon Siding and Window. Our teams work closely with you on original layouts, turn ideas into floor plans and construct the house of your dreams. It's all a part of our design-build process, and we apply its time- and money-saving advantages to home additions too.

Hunterdon Siding and Window at Your Service

From our area's historic homes to its lovely town houses, folks enjoy the friendly charm that makes our neighborhoods so attractive. We're proud of our work, and to be a part of the community here in Lawrence & throughout New Jersey. We specialize in custom design and construction, and we're at your service with more than 35 years of experience. We invite you to contact us soon for more information and a free estimate.

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