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construction workersAs a home ages, it can benefit from a remodel. Updating a house can expand the space, which is a large advantage for a growing family. Also, a remodel can create more comfort and heighten energy efficiency. This helps lower utility costs. Finally, a home remodel increases curb appeal. If a person decides to sell, the property's market value will be raised. In Hopewell, there are many remodeling ideas that can freshen the look and feeling of a home.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is the room in a house where most people gather to share a meal or conversation. To heighten functionality, there are always some improvements that can be made. A remodel is the ideal time to increase cabinet and counter spaces so that food prep becomes easier. The area can remain free of clutter as well. Even small changes, including new faucets, lighting, and flooring, can make a big difference.

We are proud to offer remodeling services in Hopewell, NJ. Our design and installation experts will help transform any kitchen into a gourmet delight.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is often the first place that appears dated and worn. Since it is an area of the home that should provide a spa-like atmosphere, a remodel may be welcomed. Usually, homeowners are amazed at how changing a bathroom's layout provides more functionality and space. Also, a bathroom remodel can drastically increase a home's value.

Let us infuse a unique style into your bathroom. We will replace old fixtures with modern and efficient toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, and lighting. For additional storage, it is also possible to install open shelves and racks. With over three decades of remodeling experience, you will reap many benefits from having our contractors update your bathroom.

Finished Basements

A modern home is utilized from top to bottom. Instead of a murky basement that stores old clothing and unused items, this space can be used as part of the main living quarters. With a remodel, it is possible to create a media center, game room, or wine cellar. It is not uncommon to add a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen to this area for senior family members or older children living at home as well.

We give you the opportunity to generate value from every inch of your home. While remaining within your budget, you can modify your Hopewell basement and gain a useful and beautiful space.


Instead of heading to the shore for some sun and relaxation, enjoy your personal Hopewell deck. For entertaining or enjoying a peaceful night in your backyard, extending your living space into the outdoors is a fabulous idea.

For a maintenance-free material, consider composite decking panels. These are smart alternatives to conventional wood and come in a wide variety of colors. Adding a unique railing and accent lighting will create an intimate ambiance that provides a wonderful sense of relaxation. Decking designs are only limited by your imagination. Whether you crave a party atmosphere with a bar and brick oven or want a quiet respite inside a gazebo, we can make that a reality.

Custom Home Building

To enjoy a one-of-a-kind home, consider custom building. You can select all the fixtures, layout, and style of your dreams. Hunterdon Siding and Window makes it possible and easy to establish a house that truly becomes your "forever home," which provides endless comfort and reflects your individual taste.

When you are considering a remodel of your Hopewell house, consult with our experts. Our team of trustworthy contractors delivers quality results every time.

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