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Remodeling offers several advantages over moving to another house. Updating your home makes it more appealing and compatible with your lifestyle. You can enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable, modern home without the hassles of relocating. A home makeover enables you to stay in your current neighborhood near friends, family, work and school. Remodeling also allows you to maintain the charming characteristics of an older home while adding contemporary conveniences. Certain projects like adding outdoor living spaces, finishing basements and upgrading kitchens and bathrooms can also significantly increase the value of houses in Flemington, New Jersey.


Taking a look at your windows is a wise starting point when you want to make your home look better than ever. Replacing your old windows with modern ones will take you far when your mission is to boost your home's appearance to a whole new level. We are confident you will find a style that makes sense for you when you see what we have to offer. In addition to making your home look amazing, new windows can also reduce your monthly energy bills.



As the gateway from the world to your home, your exterior doors are an important factor you can't overlook. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you have high-quality, modern doors to match the style for which you have been searching. Our staff will work with you and uncover the right doors for your home, and you will know working with our team was the right move.


The roof of your home is one of the first things visitors will see when they pull into your driveway, and you want to leave a strong impression. Choose from our collection of colors so that you can locate shingles that stand out from the rest in a powerful way. Upgrading your roof also protects your home from leaks and other problems to which you would otherwise be exposed. Speaking with our team is how you will discover what approach makes sense for the look you hope to achieve.



You can't ignore your home's siding when your mission is to implement a remodeling project that will transform your house into a perfect sanctuary. The style and color of the siding you choose will highlight your taste and personality in more ways than you might think, and we can help you find the right fit for the message you would like to send.

Kitchen Remodeling

Breathe new life into your home with an updated kitchen. A new layout can transform an older, cramped kitchen into one that is stylish and functional. Admitting additional natural light and improving general and task lighting will make your kitchen more inviting. The introduction of new, energy-efficient appliances helps you save money on your utility bills.

Bathroom Remodeling


Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are a key factor in determining the value of a home. A remodel enables you to add personal touches and must-have features. If you are unhappy with your current bathroom or are experiencing plumbing issues, the space can be transformed into a spa-like setting with updated amenities like steam showers, heated floors and additional lighting. You can create an inviting, accessible oasis that everyone enjoys using.

Finished Basements

Whether the space will be used for family entertainment, a home office or a “man cave,” a finished basement will increase the value of your home and improve its livability. A finished basement efficiently separates your work and informal entertainment areas from your formal living space upstairs. When equipped with an additional bathroom, the new living space can serve as a guest bedroom, a playroom or an exercise area. The use of this versatile space is only limited by your imagination.


A deck enables you to take your living enjoyment outdoors while making your home more functional year-round. A beautiful deck is a popular addition to any house. With a seating area and a grilling space, the deck can become an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain family and friends. It also provides a wonderful place to relax, reconnect with nature and enjoy refreshing breezes. Because modern decking products are manufactured in various colors and materials, skilled artisans can create a visually appealing, customized design that enhances the architectural details of your home and landscaping.

Custom Home Building

Designing and building a custom home enables you to have the features and amenities that you want. With a custom home, you can have confidence in the quality of the materials and workmanship that went into its construction. The design enables homeowners to incorporate future upgrades if desired. A custom-built home affords you the ability to enjoy amenities that meet the unique needs of your family.

Remodeling is an excellent way to increase the beauty, functionality and value of homes in Hunterdon and Somerset counties. Choosing the right project will also make living in your house more enjoyable. For more information on how a professional makeover can deliver the house that you have always wanted, contact Hunterdon Siding and Window. Our experienced staff can handle all your remodeling needs.

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