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If you want a more efficient, accessible or attractive dwelling, you don't need to call a real estate agent. Remodeling could give you a new home without the hassles of moving. A skilled contractor can fully renovate any room in your house. Your kitchen might benefit from greater natural lighting, additional cabinets or high-tech appliances. Remodelers could transform your bathroom with fresh paint and a glass shower enclosure. You may also expand your living space with a comfortable finished basement or a handsome wooden deck. To increase your houses curb appeal, you might want to install new windows or siding. Take a look at the services below and see how we can help remodel your home, both inside and out.


Don’t underestimate the importance of your home’s windows. Old windows tend to make your property look dated and neglected. On the other hand, installing new windows can bring new life to an aging home. With so many different styles available, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect window design. Now only will a set of modern windows help your home to stand out, but they can also help you to save extra money. According to experts, energy-efficient windows can reduce your electric bill by 30 perfect. The extra insulation enables heating and cooling systems to work a lot more effectively.



Although your roof is engineered to last for a very long time, it’ll eventually need to be replaced. Over time, Mother Nature’s elements can take a toll. Wind, rain, and the sun’s harsh UV rays can ruin a roof’s appearance. After installing a new roof, your home will demand a lot more attention. A wide range of different colors and styles are available. While some people may prefer a retro look, other may like a more contemporary design. High-grade materials will enable your new roof to truly withstand the test of time.


Exterior doors have a big impact on a home’s curb appeal. If your doors have started to look worn, it’s time to upgrade. The front entry door is especially important. It’s the first thing that guests will notice. Installing a new door can give your home a more upbeat personality. You definitely can’t overlook the security benefits of a sturdy entry door. It’ll be much harder for unwanted visitors to come inside. Your family will be able to relax at home with an extra peace of mind. Like energy-efficient windows, properly sealed doors help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Simply replacing your old siding can have a dramatic impact. The right type of siding can definitely help transform your home. You have several different options at your disposal. While fiber cement siding has a stunning appearance, vinyl siding gives you even more flexibility with your home’s theme.

Kitchen Remodeling


Like people across the nation, Bridgewater residents spend a lot of time preparing meals in the kitchen. It's vital to make this room safe, efficient and pleasing to the eye. Kitchen remodeling projects can replace stained walls and outdated counters with far more appealing surfaces. They offer many practical advantages as well. Modern cabinets leave space for tall countertop appliances, such as microwave ovens, blenders or 10-cup coffee makers. Remodeled kitchens also maximize safety with GFCI outlets and thorough lighting. Furthermore, the latest appliances and window frames cut costs by minimizing energy consumption.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeled bathrooms can deliver several noteworthy benefits. A contractor could replace leaky old faucets with sleek water-saving fixtures. If you're tired of using a cramped shower stall, remodeling provides a great opportunity to swap it for a full-size bathtub. You may also add extra storage space, improve the lighting or replace cracked tiles. Keep in mind that excess moisture causes mold, especially in relatively wet places like New Jersey. A bathroom remodeler can take steps to enhance ventilation, such as installing a frosted glass window or an exhaust fan.

Finished Basements

If your cellar seems like a dreary, underutilized area, think about turning it into a finished basement. This will add living space that you can use for a home theater, bedroom or office. It will come in handy if you have guests or a growing family. You could also choose to set it up as an apartment. This type of cellar usually reduces pest problems and energy costs. Unlike most unfinished basements, it features thoroughly sealed walls, doors and windows. It's not a problem if your cellar contains appliances; remodelers can create a separate laundry room.


Perhaps you like your home's current interior design and don't want to change it. You can still revitalize a house and add living space by installing a deck. This will create the perfect place for outdoor meals, parties or quiet relaxation. During Somerset County's warm summer nights, it may also help you escape residual indoor heat. Decks offer a comparatively quick, affordable improvement option that enhances your home's appearance. We can help you choose a decking material and color to complement the exterior of your home.

In addition to providing these aesthetic and practical benefits, all remodeling projects will raise your Bridgewater property's resale value. This makes it easier to sell your house, acquire a home equity loan or qualify for a reverse mortgage. However, it's crucial to select an experienced, trustworthy remodeler. When you need a dependable contractor in north-central New Jersey, contact Hunterdon Siding and Window. Our knowledgeable employees will perform quality work while keeping your residence as clean and organized as possible. We also guarantee every project for 12 months.

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