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Branchburg is a beautiful idyllic city with both newer and older homes. The New York Times called it an "oasis of affordability" in the past, and that has not changed. Since many people favor the area for the cost of living, good schools and sense of community, home values are making modest but steady climbs. Homeowners can remodel their homes if they want to sell and upgrade to a bigger property. For those who do not want to sell, remodeling is also a great way to personalize a house for years of future enjoyment.

Kitchen Remodeling

In many homes, the kitchen is the focal point and a main gathering place. Families and friends bond whether they are cooking together or just snacking and chatting. From granite counters to stone floor tiles, there are many choices to consider. Adding recessed lighting or a warmer color of paint to the walls can also create ambiance. Some people prefer bolder upgrades such as all-purpose islands, extra sinks or stainless appliances. Efficient appliances may also come with tax breaks and financial incentives.

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom can change from a functional room to a sanctuary of tranquility with a few remodeling projects. New tiles on the floors and walls can completely transform the room. Many people add a whirlpool tub and a skylight to watch the stars or the clouds as they take a relaxing bath. Others prefer to add a modern but modest look with trendy sinks, glass showers and toilets. Sensors and other green innovations also make new fixtures great for conserving water.

Finished Basements

If the basement is full, now is the time to get rid of junk or store it. Basements can be used to add bathrooms, bedrooms and even entire apartments for rental income. For the homeowner who loves entertaining guests, a finished basement may include a wet bar, an activity room and an extra kitchen. Families often turn basements into lounging areas for watching movies and spending time together. The possibilities are endless.


With a deck, a Branchburg homeowner can turn a plain yard into a paradise. Decks create a nice space for entertaining, decorating, grilling and much more. From a simple standard look to an exquisite personalized design, decks come in all sizes and shapes. To give it even more appeal, consider adding a gazebo, outdoor lighting, railings and other attractive features.

Custom Home Building

If remodeling is too much work and it would be easier to start from scratch on a new property, custom home building is a smart solution. Changes can be made as the home is constructed, which eliminates the hassle of navigating torn-up walls and floors in a current living space. There are plenty of valuable features, fixtures and green improvements to add to a building plan for a new home.

Remodeling is an investment in the future whether the purpose is to resell for a higher value or to simply enjoy some desired amenities. At Hunterdon Siding and Window, we take pride in offering all of these services. We take any remodeling vision and turn it into an impressive reality.

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