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Recent Bathroom Remodeling Trends

The bathroom is a room in the home that is often easy to remodel because of its small size. You can change something as simple as the tiles on the bathroom floor or get into a larger bathroom remodeling project that involves replacing the shower and tub or the sink and cabinets. If you aren't sure about what you want the bathroom to look like, consider some of the recent trends that are seen in new and updated houses.

Smaller Design

You might think that a dream bathroom is one that is spacious enough for a Jacuzzi tub and a large vanity. That's not among the latest bathroom design trends as smaller is what works better for many homes. Luxury and efficiency don't have to take a back seat to the smaller design with careful planning and the right color combinations. Use every inch of space that you have available, installing a single-person tub and smaller toilet that has a luxurious appearance. Another trend that you'll see in the bathroom is a high-tech toilet. Some flush automatically while others adjust the amount of water in the tank and the bowl based on your average water consumption.

Warm Colors

Colors in the bathroom are trending more to brass and gold instead of black, white and gray. The warmer colors make the bathroom feel comfortable, and you can blend other colors with them as well. There are various finishes available with brass and gold colors, such as matte and satin, giving you more options depending on the other fixtures in the room and the shades of colors that you want to use on the floor, walls, and counters.

Large Windows

Larger windows are a trend to watch as well. You'll also notice windows in shapes other than the standard rectangle or square. Hunterdon Siding & Window can install windows that offer the most natural light for the bathroom while maintaining the decorative quality that you desire as well. Oval mirrors behind the bathroom sink can maximize the light in the bathroom by reflecting the outdoors as well as any lights that are on the ceiling, giving the illusion that the room is larger and brighter.

To learn more about how we can help remodel your bathroom, contact Hunterdon Siding & Window and let us make your vision become a reality.

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