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Most Common Types of Home Siding

Siding can improve the appearance of your home, reduce the time you must spend maintaining the exterior, allow you to be more creative with your home's appearance or reduce your energy bills. Over the years, many different types of siding have been developed, but most of them have declined in popularity or disappeared completely due to cost, lack of durability or other issues. For example, composite siding's decline was due largely to the ease with which the siding could rot, manufacturers stopped producing asbestos siding because of potential health risks and aluminum siding proved to be easily dented and difficult or impossible to paint. Modern siding choices are plentiful, but here are the types that are commonly chosen by homeowners in New Jersey.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding typically carries the lowest cost. Virtually no routine maintenance is required; spraying it with a garden hose occasionally to remove dirt is usually all that is needed. You never need to paint vinyl siding, and it is available in an extensive range of textures, styles and colors. However, vinyl siding does not resist impacts very well, especially in cold weather, and unless it is properly installed, it can buckle or warp. Although vinyl can be an economical choice for certain styles of homes, historically significant homes will typically benefit from a different type of siding.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you want the beauty of wood siding without the maintenance, fiber cement siding may meet your goals. This type of siding emulates the natural grain of wood better than any other type, and in many cases, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between fiber cement and wood. Fiber cement siding is remarkably long-lasting, fire-resistant, rot-proof, insect-resistant and almost maintenance-free. Available styles include board-and-batten, lapboard, clamshell and shakes, so it is easy to mix styles to create a unique look. You can purchase fiber cement siding that is ready for you to paint in your preferred color, but manufacturers also offer siding that has had the color applied at the factory. Fiber cement siding is ideal for many architectural styles, including Victorian, Cape Cod and contemporary.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has been a popular choice for exterior cladding for centuries. It is available in numerous styles and textures. However, wood siding is an expensive, high-maintenance choice. It must be stained or painted to prevent rot, mold and insect damage, but inadequately ventilated homes usually result in problems with the retention of paint. Wood siding is also subject to splitting and warping.

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