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How to Get Your Windows Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here, and with it comes beautiful days and the opportunity to let in the fresh air. Before you can do that, though, it’s important to get your windows ready for the season. Below you’ll find some excellent ideas to prepare your panes for the warm weather ahead.

Check the Hardware

Before you do anything else, check to make sure your windows are safe. They need to open and close without much effort. If you have trouble with this, try lubricating some of the moving parts to reduce friction. The windows should also stay open on their own. If they can’t, this is a serious problem that may require professional help. Lastly, make sure the window locks work. If they don’t, repair or replace them immediately, as this is a serious safety concern.

Clean the Glass

Springtime is the perfect time to have the windows open. While they’re open, take the opportunity to make the glass sparkle again in time for summer. Get your favorite window cleaner and some newspaper and wipe down your windows thoroughly. Doing this will prevent your windows from breaking down, as a buildup of dirt and debris can damage the glass. Remember, both sides of your windows get dirty, so be sure to clean both the inside and the outside!

Replace Broken Screens

Hate insects? Want to prevent an infestation? Then check your window screens for tears. Everyone likes a cool summer breeze in the evening, but you won’t be able to enjoy it if you’re afraid of letting in bugs. There are many different types of screens that can replace your old ones. Some even cut down on the sun’s glare and can keep your room cooler. A little research can help you get more out of your screens.

Check the Weather Stripping and Caulking

You might not think about it as much when the weather is nice, but the last thing you want to deal with is a leaky or drafty window. At the very least, it makes your home less energy efficient because it gives a place for air conditioning to escape. At worst, moisture can get in and create a real problem for the materials surrounding your windows. Check for any signs of deterioration and replace both when necessary.

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